Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World

Among the 196 countries of the world, only 24 of them have a land area that is less than 1000 square kilometers. Here is an overview of the top 10 smallest countries in the world.

1. Vatican City

The Vatican City, which is also accepted as the ‘Holy See’ is the smallest country in the world. Surrounded by Rome, it is only 0.44 square kilometers. This country is not only the center of Catholic Church but also it is home to St. Peter’s Basilica – the biggest church in the world.  Additionally, it is also the least populous country with the shortest railway system globally. Its income comes from the charitable contributions of over 1 billion members of the Roman Catholic Church from all around the world. The rest of its economy comes from tourism, postage stamps and admission fees of museums.

2. Monaco

Monaco of Western Europe is the second smallest country with an area of 2 square kilometers. This nation of typically French-speaking residents is admired for gambling, luxury goods and the service industry. Even though it is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is still the world’s most densely populated country with a population over 3600.

3. Nauru

It is the smallest island country with an area of 21 square kilometers along with being the second least crowded country in the world. Moreover, it is bounded by coral reefs and recognized for its white-sandy beaches. However, tourism in Nauru is restricted.

4. Tuvalu

Tuvalu of 26 square kilometers is positioned in the Pacific Ocean. There are about 10,000 residents, with 8 kilometers of roads, and 1 hospital present on the chief island. Moreover, it is also one of the lowest countries globally with the highest point being only 4.5 meters from the main sea level.

5. San Marino

Generally known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, it is only 61 square kilometers. Not only it is one of the oldest surviving sovereign states in the world but is it also one of the most flush in accordance with GDP.


6. Liechtenstein

This country of 160 square kilometers is the only nation in the world to be fully located in the Alps. To shed some more light on it, it is also the richest country in the world by GDP per capita, together with the lowest unemployment rate. Additionally, this Alpine country is also one of the popular winter sports destinations in the world.

7. Marshall Islands

Comprising of hundreds of Islands and thousands of Islets, Marshall Islands is only 181 square kilometers with a population of 68000. Here, people speak both English and Marshallese. Furthermore, the crystal clear water of this place contains around 800 species of fish and 160 species of corals.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

This 261 kilometers area includes two stunning Islands located in the Caribbean with St. Kitts being 168 square kilometers and Nevis being only 93 square kilometers. They both provide amazing diving sites due to copious marine life and have been sugar exporters for centuries.

9. Maldives

This gorgeous country, along with being a popular tourist destination in the Indian Ocean, only has a land area of 298 square kilometers and a population of 3, 93,500. Currently, the Maldives has a vivacious tourism economy and the credit goes to its celebrated white sand beaches, coral reefs, lush marine life and crystal blue waters.

10. Malta

Positioned in the Mediterranean Sea, an archipelago of seven Islands- Malta is only of 316 square kilometers. Comino, Gozo and Malta are the three main islands that make up the Republic of Malta. Its population of over 450,000 residents makes it one of the utmost densely populated countries universally.

What else do you need? Pack your bags and let’s go explore the list! Happy Traveling!

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I am Marie-Noëlle Anaëlla, a Globetrotter and Travel Writer from the Netherlands, currently residing in Paris. I describe myself as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and see the world as my home, having been born in the African country of Gabon and spending my early years in several diverse countries around the world. Living in places like Cameroon, Japan, China, India, Ireland, the United States and much more, has meant that it has become difficult for me to adequately describe where I am from to the people I meet. As a result, I am now simply calling myself a citizen of the world, coming from here, coming from there and coming from everywhere. Having caught the travel bug at a very young age, I have since made it my life and have now either lived in or visited more than 140 countries across 7 continents. Not traveling, for me, would be like staring at empty pages in a book, too afraid to open myself up to the world and see its beauty. This traveling life has now seen me take up a career in travel writing about my experiences and why it is so important. I spend much of my time encouraging others to travel, inspiring them to seek greatness and turn negative experiences into something positive. When I am not busy traveling around the world or writing about it, I practice Tai-Chi and meditation, treat my body with the utmost respect and loves a cup of English tea. What else do you want to know? :) Happy Traveling!

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