A sit-down with the humble and brilliant actor Caleb Thomas


  • Check out some of Caleb’s upcoming and current films
  • Check out the hit thriller on Lifetime called my stepdaughter
  • Caleb is one of the leads in the award winning Highway To Havasu, a teen road trip/ spring break comedy where Caleb is out to score
  • After falling in love with Havasu after filming highway to Havasu, he began being sponsored by Commander Boats, a boating company that lent a hand in the film
  • The actor has created a nonprofit that teaches kids how to make films and act
  • Caleb works for International Fund For Animal Welfare which is the same charity Leonard Dicaprio works for in saving animals and their habitats
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“if you find a job you like, you will never work a day in your life”

Photo Credits: Ryan Tillman  –  IG @tillman211

Coming from a small town called Concrete of just 700 Washington, Caleb Thomas did not have it all laid out for him. In fact, he even thought of becoming a mechanic once if he could not land a career in acting. However, through unwavering perseverance and hard work, he has made his place in Hollywood since he professionally started acting 5 years ago and shows no signs of backing down in any way! There is no doubt that it only goes uphill for this 24-year-old actor from here because he has already won the hearts of both the people and critics.

He actually began acting unofficially when he was only 3 years old. He performed at school and church which he enjoyed greatly. Being a pastors son, he is a man of God and he considers himself a property of God. He loves acclaiming his unconditional love for the Almighty out loud, which creates a beautiful presence around him. He tries to live by his school teacher’s vision and quote that was always above the white board “if you find a job you like, you will never work a day in your life” which is why he approached a career in acting as it was his undying passion since childhood that he later realized.

Caleb worked part time in places like 7 eleven and Coffee Bean while doing acting gigs to survive on his own. Even though he did realize in senior year in high school that acting was what he wanted to pursue, it was not until a fateful night in Hollywood at 7 Eleven at 6660 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles at 4 am that he finally got the little push he needed to motivate himself in focusing full-time on his acting gigs. What happened that night was extremely dangerous, but at the same time an eye opening for Caleb. He was held at gunpoint in 7 Eleven that night where he was employed at the time. In the beginning, he did not even realize that it was a robbery and he kept making jokes and trying to laugh it off, having a great sense of humor, until the robber pulled out the gun again which intimidated him greatly. After this unfortunate event, he quit his job that very day and then he decided to focus on keeping his acting dream alive in Hollywood. It was not rainbows and butterflies after that either, but it was a very traumatizing experience for him overall and not only taking a step back but also revisiting the nightmare of being held at gunpoint. Nevertheless, being a fighter, Caleb marched on a journey which would lead him where he is today. Today he has many featured movies and is in over 30 short ones to be proud of along with the hit in Nickelodeon’s first digital series “Chase Champion” and most recently its trilogy “Lost in the West” as the lead. He has also guest starred in the hit television series “Modern Family”.

Photo Credits: Ryan Tillman  –  IG @tillman211

When Caleb first moved to Hollywood, he had no acquaintance in Los Angeles but he was very headstrong and soon signed with a veteran manager, Steven Nash, who would also turn out to be one of his best friends. Nash has since guided him to understand the showbiz, being street smart and learning networking. These are absolutely vital to understand and learning them from your best friend just makes it a lot more easier and enjoyable. When Nash helped Caleb book the first professional audition of his life, as the lead role in the film “The Interrogation”, he landed the role! His performance in his

second film “Mrs. Sweeney” a drama speaking out against child abuse was so spot on that it led to him being nominated for Best Performance in the 35th Young Artist Awards.

“If you are lucky enough to do well, it is your responsibility to send the elevator back down”

Photo Credits: Ryan Tillman  –  IG @tillman211


His love for children as well as for animals is very prominent and he can be often spotted trying to raise awareness about both child and animal abuse. He is an incredibly charitable person and is always willing to help whenever he can. He was a part of helping create the ‘FBI child id app’ and is heavily involved with the ‘Waze’ charity organization. He has appeared on Dr. Phil for his film work with the FBI Child ID App and PSA’s about bullying, child neglect and immigration. He both delighted and shocked audiences in 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival by starring in the film “Perspective” which helped enlighten people on indecent assault. He tries to find roles like this one with the purpose of spreading awareness and important messages that would help educate people. Giving back to society is one of Caleb’s strong quality and this explains why he loves the Kevin Spacey quote ‘If you are lucky enough to do well, it is your responsibility to send the elevator back down’. Caleb has the tendency to try and bring out the best in people by helping out however he can from his position by being selfless and not trying to enjoy everything all by himself. There are few actors he admires and the little things they do like Bruce Wills’ signature head turn in his movies and Mel Gibson for his iconic expressions on his face!

Despite having so much on his plate, numerous upcoming movies and a new trilogy in Nickelodeon, he still finds time to enjoy himself with both typical and quite daring ways. He is a fan of action movies as well as fast cars, especially Camaro. His combined love of action and speed has led him to take the daredevil move of undertaking his own stunts in his movies rather than leaving them up to expert stunt performers!. He has also lent his voice in video games including Disney Infinity. Being so spiritual, he loves going to the wilderness and indulges in the luscious nature. He recently spent two months filming in Spain for Nickelodeon’s “Lost In The West” where he has the lead role. He filmed on some stunning locations in Madrid and Almeria.

Whenever he has the time, he takes a minute to look up in the sky to reevaluate his life and consider how lucky he is and thank God for that. He never takes what he has been given for granted and is always grateful. Caleb is humble, simple, funny as well as intelligent. He is not only a great inspiration for young actors trying to get in Hollywood, for his never faltering confidence and adherence, but also for the young actors who are already in the industry who can be inspired by this down to earth, kind, simple as well as charitable person. He is the shining example, that all our dreams are valid no matter where we come from. The only thing separating us from our dreams is our self-doubt and if we put that aside and be headstrong instead, we can achieve great things.

Photo Credits: Ryan Tillman  –  IG @tillman211


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4 thoughts on “A sit-down with the humble and brilliant actor Caleb Thomas

  1. Hi! I am Caleb Thomas’s mom! GREAT article! Loved it-not only because he is my son, but it’s all true! Thank you for your spotlight on him!

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  2. I agree with Kathy! I have known Caleb since he was a baby, and everything in this article is spot on with who he is. Absolutely amazing


  3. You have came along ways in a short amount of time. Your a natural.Your a deep down good person willing to help with charities etc Your dad and mom rsised you well !


  4. This is Lisa, I have known you and your family, since you were small .You have came along ways in a short amount of time. Your a natural.Your a deep down good person willing to help with charities etc Your dad and mom raised you well !


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