Morocco: The best things to do in Marrakech

This week, I am a bit of a mission to allure you to put Marrakech on your bucket list. Why, you enquire(because it is one of my favorite cities in the world)? Only since everything around Marrakech – old city walls, crumbling palaces, riads, noisy souks, skilled artists – is exclusive. The ambiance lends it a distinctive character, diverse from most African as well as European capitals. Locals are warm and the food is astonishing. This mélange makes Marrakech stand out.


Have the finest Orange Squash of your life

Orange trees are universal in Marrakech’s twisted alleys and striking courtyards. Moroccan oranges are well-known over the world. The astonish Djemaa-El-Fnaa, Marrakech’s vital square, is chock-a-block with retailers selling orange juice. An amount of juice sellers furthermore sell the juice of intensely pigmented blood oranges.

We favor the original – it is energizing and its crisp, citrus flavor is firm to beat. We know it’s sensible to carry a flask of water while sight-seeing however, you can skip that formal in Marrakech. Just head to the adjacent cart and have a glass (or else 4) of orange juice – you would never want to go back to drinking the bottled water. Remember that Ambrosia is the Moroccan Orange juice.

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 Stay in a Riad or spend the night in a Luxury hotel

The amount of hotels in Marrakech increases with the city’s fame as a tourist destination. However, nothing beats the sensation of staying in a Riad or an authentic hotel with Moroccan influences – a customary Moroccan house inside the Medina (Old City). Checking in to a Riad is perhaps the easiest way to familiarize yourself with Morocco. Imagine walls embellished with customary Moroccan rugs, shelves decorated with ethnic glassware, plus breakfasts served in close central courtyards.

Regardless of what you are looking for –luxurious weekend, romantic getaway, or backpacking holiday – it is easy to discover a riad or a luxury hotel to suit your budget. 

Sightsee the ruin of the El Badi Palace

The ruin of the El Badi Palace obviously do not feature the most itineraries of Marrakech – you would find more storks than persons in the compound.

The El Badi Palace, translates as ‘The Unique One’. It was custom-built by the Saadian King Ahmad al-Mansur in 16th-century, built using valuable materials like gold plus marble, and looted as well as torn-down by his descendant. The bare ruin, left-over mosaic, and stark wall have one such tale to tell. It is easy to expend an hour or two walking round the complex. Make sure you go to the walkway – the sight of the Atlas Mountains is splendid.

Visit Bahia Palace

A faraway cry from the ruin of El Badi Palace, the Bahia Palace is an intricate architectural miracle. Made in the nineteenth period, it is a striking example of Arab as well as Islamic architectural style. The elaborate ceiling, colorful tiles, and tarnished glass lamps are stunning. Its peaceful patio is the perfect remedy to Marrakech’s hectic souks.

Glass small bottles and ceramic jars
Glass small bottles for aromatic oil and ceramic jars for storage of spices

Go for a ‘Day Trip’

If you visit Marrakech throughout summer months, then a day tour to the Atlas Mountain offers a perfect reprieve from the heat. For the ethnically inclined, the heartened city of Essaouira is 2.5 hours far away by bus. It is also likely to do a desert trek in the Sahara if you have additional 2-3 days. Do not book your side tours in advance – get to Marrakech, discover a travel agency, as well as bargain (it is the custom) to get the inexpensive deal.


Welcome in Marrakech and Happy Traveling!!

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