The Epic region of Veneto

Being one of the twenty regions of Italy, Veneto manages to stand out due to its attractiveness and magnificence. Divided into the provinces of Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Belluno, Rovigo and Treviso, the capital of Veneto is the glorious Venice. It is indeed a daily delight for any visitor, unquestionably.

The best time to visit is in the season of spring or autumn when the weather is just remarkable and the colors of nature are beautiful and bright. Besides, you’ll easily find an array of accommodation, especially in Venice, since it’s the most popular spot in all of Veneto. However, there are also many incredible hostels, hotels and B&Bs in all of Veneto.

The glorious Venice is indeed the most favorite part of any Veneto trip, relished thoroughly because of its lagoon, the island and the city’s most popular attraction, the Grand Canal, that’s bordered by momentous, beautified buildings. Nevertheless, the heart of Venice, St. Mark’s Square, must not be missed to witness the historical buildings like the Doge’s Palace, the grand Gothic palace Palazzo Ducale or the sky-high Italian-brick Gothic church I Frari and also to eat the  Italian food cooked perfectly in its restaurants or to buy souvenirs from vendors.

Burano Island

The setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet, Verona, displays both charm and elegance. Hence, logically one of the most famous monuments is Juliet’s romantic balcony and the arena is also popular. Besides, the culture aficionados will be spoiled for options with the region’s variety of art galleries and other outstanding architectures. Furthermore, the region of Padua is also an amazing hidden gem with its beautiful Scrovegni Chapel, elegant botanical garden or the Basilica of St. Anthony.

The beautiful Canal Grande with the Basilica di Santa Maria

On the other hand, Asolo is the type of place where you let loose, order some delightful dishes and let the view do the rest. No wonder why the landscapes are so ridiculously spectacular. Besides, anyone who loves wine will definitely love the most famous wine district in Veneto, the Valpolicella Region, celebrated for making some of the country’s first-class fruity, tangy reds and the valley even produces white wines. So, do stop by for some amazing wine tasting.

Red 1930 OM 665 SS Superba in San Marino
San Marino

However, for the most soothing yet electrifying experience, head straight to Abano Terme to revel in relaxing spa sessions with the best mud baths and hot springs, take in the healing qualities of a lazy afternoon or wander around the stunning countryside. Or, for delighting in the most thrilling activities, go hiking or trekking in the striking and majestic Dolomite Mountains and enjoy skiing in its elite and sophisticated Cortina d’Ampezzo, one of the world’s most famous mountain resorts.

Traditional Italian style home breakfast. Latte in glasses, almond croissants and red bloody Sicilian oranges over concrete textured table
Italian style home breakfast. Latte coffee, almond croissants and red bloody oranges on dark wooden serving board over concrete textured table, moka pot and honey jar at background, selective focus

Then again, you can enjoy traditional lip-smacking dishes in any local restaurants like pasta, risottos, pizzas, tiramisu and fritters. Moreover, you can indulge in some classy dishes in their one-Michelin-starred restaurants like El Coq or Damini e Affini.

Veneto is indeed a traveling gem – completely hard to resist due to its amazing touristy places, natural beauty and local food among the many other reasons that make it so amazing. So, pack your bags and let’s go! Happy Traveling!

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I am Marie-Noëlle Anaëlla, a Globetrotter and Travel Writer from the Netherlands, currently residing in Paris. I describe myself as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and see the world as my home, having been born in the African country of Gabon and spending my early years in several diverse countries around the world. Living in places like Cameroon, Japan, China, India, Ireland, the United States and much more, has meant that it has become difficult for me to adequately describe where I am from to the people I meet. As a result, I am now simply calling myself a citizen of the world, coming from here, coming from there and coming from everywhere. Having caught the travel bug at a very young age, I have since made it my life and have now either lived in or visited more than 140 countries across 7 continents. Not traveling, for me, would be like staring at empty pages in a book, too afraid to open myself up to the world and see its beauty. This traveling life has now seen me take up a career in travel writing about my experiences and why it is so important. I spend much of my time encouraging others to travel, inspiring them to seek greatness and turn negative experiences into something positive. When I am not busy traveling around the world or writing about it, I practice Tai-Chi and meditation, treat my body with the utmost respect and loves a cup of English tea. What else do you want to know? :) Happy Traveling!

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