Let’s spend the summer in L.A.!

Los Angeles – The Colorful Canvas of Life

There are plenty of other delightful cities and communities in the world, but none of them has a diverse and colorful culture as Los Angeles (L.A.). The bustling city is filled with interesting and intriguing things to do. L.A. is constantly changing and evolving while embracing individuals from all walks of life. Therefore, you will be charmed by L.A. artistic and eccentric way of life. Sharing wondrous thoughts and amazing feelings are the only ways to create a better portrait of this grandest place.

Unlike the popular belief, not everyone who lives in L.A. works in the entertainment industry. It is perplexing to know that only 1.8% of the whopping 4 million population works in the entertainment industry.

Universal Studio
Universal Studio

L.A. 101

The melting pot of L.A. comes from different cities in the United States and different parts of the world. With its incredible hot weather, L.A. has become the place to visit all year round. However, it is the fascinating cultural appeals that draw people in here. In fact, L.A. has more museums and theaters compared to any city in the United States. The cultural value of L.A. leads visitors to discover the world-class museums such as the Getty Center in Brentwood and LACMA or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Museum Row. With pride, L.A. makes monthly “art walks” throughout the city where locals meet and enjoy a talk.

Bearing the nickname “City of Angels”, L.A. ranked sixth in the Global Cities Index and became the ninth Global Economic Power Index. This amazing city is home to major institutions covering a wide range of cultural fields and it is one of the most extensive U.S. economic engines. The cultural activities also create a large contribution to the continued growth in tourism. LA garnered 40million annual visitors, having $15.4billion in direct spending.

Summer in LA
Summer in L.A.

While the entertainment industry leads a creative economy and brings dollars to the community of California, so as the single glory of L.A. arises. In fact, in 2014, the Otis Report declares that the Creative Economy of California generated $293.8 billion generated through this industry.

The Cultural Scene of L.A.

L.A. offers cultural attractions where you can spend your days experiencing the work of J. Paul Getty, the California Science Center, the Californian African American Museum, the Natural History Museum, Norton Simon Museum, Pacific Asia Museum, Peterson Automotive Museum, La Brea Tar Pits, and much more.

L.A. has a lot to offer and the city heaven for music lovers as well. If you want to go to a concert filled with thousands of screaming fans and bang your head to the music or if you prefer a more intimate setting of music with a soothing soft jazz music, L.A. got you covered! There are several international standard venues where concerts are often held. The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles Downtown area, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the Disney Concert Hall, the John Anson Ford Theatre, Greek Theatre, and Hollywood Bowl, are some of the most

popular ones. Most often, many open air and free ticket concerts are held for the music lovers too. The smaller clubs all over L.A. also hold concerts every night.


L.A. can also be dubbed as the theater city. It has more than 1500 annual productions; you will be able to be a part of amazing performances by talented artists. No matter what kind of performances you enjoy, you will easily find one that would suit your needs. The famous theaters include Pantages Theatre, the Ahmanson Theatre, the Kirk Douglas Theatre, Glory Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center, REDCAT, and more. While strolling through the city, be prepared to get mesmerized by the architectural masterpieces that grace the city, the lavish isles of the city and remember to slow down and enjoy the surroundings.

Welcome in L.A.!

Happy Traveling!

LA Sunset


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