When Citizens of the World become multi-talented and multi-passionate


When traveling, we enjoy developing our personality and interests. Some of us travel for years before settling into a career and some are lucky to make their traveling passion their daily job. Being multi-talented and multi-passionate may sound like a song to many ears in this world. But not to a world where we all assume that choosing one talent should be your goal in life and you should focus on that one talent. Then you have others thinking that you are lucky if you are a multi-talented and multi-passionate because you definitely do not have problems. Is this true?

But what does it really mean to be multi-talented and multi-passionate in life?

A human, in general, is born with a talent or multiple talents. For some travelers, these multi-talents are born along the way and with multi-passionate interests, these talents are multiplied. In the early ages, people with multi-talents and multi-passionate interests were called Renaissance Personalities(RP). Maybe back then RP’s were the genius but now, they seem crazy in today’s world. Just imagine for a second how awkward it would be telling your friends and family that your “problem” in not feeling fulfilled in your current career originated in being multi-talented! I wish you good luck with that conversation! Please observe the expression on their faces, it is priceless!

Where it all started…….

When we were children, we were told to decide what we wanted to do in the future and focus on that because it was important to have a goal and objectives. Many were told growing up that having too many talents was a mental health issue and were advised to go see a doctor. How ironic can life sometimes be.  Society reshapes your identity and thoughts through your entire life and even succeeds in making you believe that you indeed have a problem. Many RP’s end up changing careers twenty times in their lifetime and this is not a surprise. Often we start believing what our loved ones are saying and try to fit in the eyes of the so-called ideal career life. What you need is to get used to the idea of your personalities and it may take your entire life to figure it out.

Primitive woman sitting on a rock at the sunset. Amazon woman
Amazon woman. Warrioress

Every acquaintance and country is a new experience, an opportunity to develop new talents and passions. In this changing world, professions disappear, others are born. Technology develops at an insane velocity. We’re all getting more global and linked together.  Do not make the mistake many RP’s are making. Do not contemplate that you have a problem and make a choice when you can use all your talents. An RP tends to move on to something completely different and is often not motivated by money or status. Once they reach success, they feel “done.” And thus move on. The challenge has been mastered.

Engage in all your passions. Commercialize them and in this way, you will make your hobbies, your jobs. You should fully embrace your talents and accept yourself. Be patient with yourself and stay motivated and then you will find how exciting and fulfilling life can be when you are an RP.

Just accept the fact that you are simply a multi-talented, multi-passionate person! You are welcome!

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I am Marie-Noëlle Anaëlla, a Globetrotter and Travel Writer from the Netherlands, currently residing in Paris. I describe myself as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and see the world as my home, having been born in the African country of Gabon and spending my early years in several diverse countries around the world. Living in places like Cameroon, Japan, China, India, Ireland, the United States and much more, has meant that it has become difficult for me to adequately describe where I am from to the people I meet. As a result, I am now simply calling myself a citizen of the world, coming from here, coming from there and coming from everywhere. Having caught the travel bug at a very young age, I have since made it my life and have now either lived in or visited more than 140 countries across 7 continents. Not traveling, for me, would be like staring at empty pages in a book, too afraid to open myself up to the world and see its beauty. This traveling life has now seen me take up a career in travel writing about my experiences and why it is so important. I spend much of my time encouraging others to travel, inspiring them to seek greatness and turn negative experiences into something positive. When I am not busy traveling around the world or writing about it, I practice Tai-Chi and meditation, treat my body with the utmost respect and loves a cup of English tea. What else do you want to know? :) Happy Traveling! www.marieblogging.com

5 thoughts on “When Citizens of the World become multi-talented and multi-passionate

  1. how are you?
    sorry for disturbing you.also i checked your profile and it seems that you are really a interesting person to know and to make friend.
    so if you are coming to my town. i really would like to meet you and if you want then i really would like to host you. or we can just meet for tea/coffee. or i will show you around town.
    also if you need any help abut jaisalmer and rajasthan or information feel free to ask me any time.

    looking forward to hear back soon from you. have a nice time!!!



  2. This is a problem for me I admit. Don’t you think though that discontent with the world is also a part of not wanting to settle into one career. You know how hard it is to just settle into one thing when you are discontent with so much of the world around you? It is possible to do many things but given a life span it is just not possible to do everything or even a number of things well. Think doctor, scientist, computer programmer etcetera. I think if we and maybe I should just say I and many others, were not so upset with the reality of the world then we could settle into a good paying career with much less mental difficulty, to say nothing of the economics which really makes career switching difficult. Capitalist control of the education system was both for reasons of necessity and expediency purposefully designed for population mind control and to make it hard to switch between jobs – separation or specialization of labor.


  3. Love that you are spreading the word out there, and resonating with you! I enjoy using the different talents, gives a lot of variety in ones life and im looking for a way to put it all together, so that will be a great challenge 🙂 … but just follow one’s heart it always knows… keep up with the good work !


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